Angler series 02
USD 88.00

It is a Korean outdoor frames equipped with a Talex polarized glass lens that is polarized glass for fishing professionals, but it can also be ordered with a plastic material (CR-39) (MADE IN JAPAN) , also Tac polarized lens is available.
Lens color:  dark grey/ mirror coating option (Tac polarized)

For the option of Talex polarized lens, go and see below site,


1. 1)TALEX POLARIZED LENS (플라스틱 및 유리소재가능)

    2) Tac polarized lens (플라스틱)

2. MULTI COATING (CR39 IS HARD MULTI COATING)/투과율상향코팅 (타렉스렌즈 적용)

3. GLASS POLARIZED/ 유리편광(CR39 플라스틱 옵션가능)

4. UV 99.9% Protection Lens / 자외선 99.9% 차단 렌즈

5. HARD COATING/ 초강력 긁힘방지코팅(타렉스렌즈 적용)

6. Hydrophobic & Oleopho (타렉스 렌즈 적용 초발수코팅적용)


- Matt black / matt transparent grey


(Korea is not available)


0.00 ~ ±4.00 diopter ; Index 1.60 (thin lens)

±4.00 ~ ±6.00 diopter ; Index 1.67 (super thin lens)

±6.00 ~ ±8.00 or higher ; Index 1.74 (super ultra thin lens)